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Elvie Brown Associates

Independent Psychological Assessments, Support and Advice in the South West

Supporting young people with learning difficulties and their families.



The role of an educational psychologist lies in supporting children and young people, their families and schools, to promote emotional and social wellbeing, identify any learning difficulties and set out clear strategies for support.

educational assessments

about me

I am a Chartered Educational Psychologist, registered with the British Psychology Society and the Health and Care Professions Council. I am also a member of the Association of Educational Psychologists.

I graduated from Exeter University with an MEd in Educational Psychology in 1984. Following this, I began working for Somerset County Council as an Educational Psychologist. Since leaving the Local Authority, I have built up a private practice. Alongside individual parental referrals I have provided a consultancy service and training to many schools. Over the years I have provided training to teachers, schools and business organisations on a range of topics including all aspects of SEN and a range of management and personal development topics.

I have always been dedicated to helping children become the best they can be. As a practitioner I take pride in individual assessment and analysis as it allows me the privilege of getting to know and hopefully understand each child, their unique personality and character. I get to explore their presenting problems, whatever they may be, and a chance to look at that student within the concept of their school and family environment and help to direct the best way forward.

Elvie Brown, Principal Psychologist

Support services

I am Jelena, Elvie's Assistant Psychologist. My background is neuropsychology and child/adolescent brain development. I graduated from University College London in 2006 and from Trinity College Dublin in 2009. I hold an MSc and BSc in these areas of cognitive neuropsychology.

I have been working with Elvie for a number of years now as the assistant psychologist. I previously worked with adolescents in a clinical research capacity looking at factors affecting brain maturation and with the Irish national health service in projects promoting social inclusion for marginalised groups.

I have trained in mindfulness myself and in teaching mindfulness. I am fully committed to the approach Elvie promotes here of tailoring therapeutic content for each child’s needs, developmental stage and family circumstances.

You can find out more about the Mindfulness-based courses I run here>


Jelena Ivanovic, Assistant Psychologist

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