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Parent & child Mindfulness

Our Mindfulness-Based Skills Building Course is a practical and child-friendly introduction to mindfulness.

Practical benefits

With appropriate practice your child can improve everyday life skills, including:

- Concentration

- Self-Regulation

- Anxiety & Stress Responses


Children learn best through doing. The sessions are very interactive and playful. We use lots of visuals to teach your child about concentration, self-regulation and stress and anxiety management. We show you how mindfulness can help with all of these life skills.

Practical applications

We make the sessions relevant to your child's needs and work with you, the parent, to integrate simple and effective practices into your daily life.

The course runs for six weeks on a Monday or Wednesday. Each session is tailored specifically to your child's requirements. These are one-to-one sessions with you and your child.

Please contact us for prices and availability. 

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